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Channel Mastery

Jun 25, 2021

Episode Highlights:

  • Hear how Russ and the Path Less Pedaled team have grown their Youtube following to over 100,000+ by speaking to the enthusiasts, as opposed to the pros, within the biking community


  • Party Pace is the how Russ describes the audience of Path Less Pedaled. They aren’t the cyclists on the podium, they’re the newcomers or long-time riders enjoying two wheels as their own pace


  • With a tech savvy audience on YouTube, Path Less Pedaled focuses on authenticity and honesty on their channels



In the active outdoor lifestyle and outdoor recreation markets, and cycling in particular, we tend to get in our own way. We’re known as being too competitive and focus on the professionals. On this episode though, we’re talking about the enthusiasts. In 2020 and through the pandemic, the cycling boom meant newcomers to the sport in a way that has never been recorded and my guest today is speaking directly to that newcomer and inviting them into the community.

Content Creator at Path Less Pedaled, Russ Roca joins me for episode 173. Russ and his partner, Laura, spent a few years key-less, as he put it, meaning they traveled the U.S. and then New Zealand by bike creating content. They launched Path Less Pedaled, which has since grown to an impressive 100,000+ followers. He shares how they’ve been able to grow their YouTube channel and their Patreon network by listening to their fan base and meeting their needs. 

I have been a fan of the Path Less Pedaled channel and network for quite awhile now but am particularly impressed in how they guide their consumer, in their case, viewers, and make them feel like you’re in the garage with them, talking shop and enjoying a chat. Tune in to hear all about the Path Less Pedaled! 

Russ Roca is the content creator behind the Path Less Pedaled Youtube channel.  Prior to Youtube he had worked as a freelance writer/photographer for various bicycling publications such as Bicycle Times, Adventure Cycling and Momentum Magazine.  He and his partner, Laura Crawford, have also worked as bicycle tourism consultants helping tourism destinations market themselves to cyclists and have worked with organizations like Travel Oregon, Visit Idaho, Travel Iowa and other state and local level destination marketing organizations.