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Channel Mastery

Apr 16, 2021

Episode Highlights:


  • Live Feisty founder, Sara Gross, shares how creating content that fits their ever-evolving target consumer and staying connected with that consumer has helped Live Feisty grow and expand their community
  • Sara shares insight to her life and story as a professional athlete, mom, content creator, podcast host, Ph.D., and business owner and more


  • Hear how Live Feisty expanded into a number of different spaces when the pandemic hit and how they pivoted from in-person to virtual events



On the Channel Mastery podcast, we focus on the importance of knowing your target audience and really speaking to them, engaging with them, and staying connected to them. What I enjoyed most in speaking with Sara Gross, Live Feisty founder, for this episode is that she not only focuses on staying true to her target audience, but is also quick to pivot and expand Live Feisty’s content as their audience continues to grow and change. 

Sara tells us how the name “Live Feisty” came to fruition and how building a safe and inclusive community is at the heart of all they do. She also shares the challenges and opportunities Live Feisty faced in order to shift from in-person events to virtual events through 2020.  

To wrap up the interview, she said something that is still resonating so much for me. She said, “...people say to fake it until you make it, but I don’t think that’s it. It’s a willingness to work in the dark.” If you’re an entrepreneur struggling to forge ahead or simply looking for some inspiration from a real visionary, you’ll find a lot of value in this episode.

Sara Gross is an Ironman triathlon champion, an academic, podcast host, tiktok-er and the founder of Live Feisty Media. After twelve years as a professional triathlete and three major international wins, Sara set her sights on shifting the cultural narrative for athletic, performance-minded women. Sara founded Live Feisty Media in 2017, a company that creates content for active, feisty folks who love to sweat or be covered in mud from time to time. Sara’s PhD is in women’s history and you can hear her unsolicited opinions about many things every Friday on the ‘If We Were Riding’ podcast.