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Channel Mastery

Mar 14, 2020

Kristin Carpenter, host of the Channel Mastery podcast and CEO/Founder of Verde Brand Communications, is offering a second episode with current best practices (as in for today, 3-17-20), for specialty brands communicating in the throes of the novel coronavirus. We continue to get new information daily and a lot has changed since we were last together, just six days ago, when we released the first of the Channel Mastery episodes focused around COVID-19.


In this episode you’ll get comfortable with communicating more to your audiences: your primary audience of your employees, your external close stakeholders, and your brand fan community. As a specialty brand, you play a positive role in the lives of your audiences, and this episode is about how to show up for them in a way that feels authentic to you. Examples in our show notes below include exceptional social media and email marketing efforts. 


Keep checking and for more resources and information as we continue to learn more about this global issue.

Kristin Carpenter is the host of the Channel Mastery podcast and the CEO and Founder of Verde Brand Communications. A former journalist, Kristin worked on staff for major consumer lifestyle magazines, business and trade titles. Now 19 years later, she continues to serve as Verde’s CEO and directs strategy for the agency. She launched Channel Mastery as Verde’s podcast in 2017. It’s her ‘beat’ to bring the best practices around serving today’s connected shopper to specialty business and brand leaders. Channel Mastery is the only resource of its kind, and it was created to help level the playing field for specialty brands as they compete for the attention spans, minds and hearts of today’s shopper with marketplaces, big retail and well funded direct-first brands.