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Channel Mastery

Nov 19, 2019

This episode of the Channel Mastery podcast is jointly produced by Verde Brand Communications and

Well, we’re in it - welcome to Holiday, 2019 Channel Masters! 

It’s not just around the corner, it’s literally here. My inbox has been flooded already (as of this writing in mid-November) with ‘door-buster’ deals and so many subject lines about Black Friday that I’m afraid to open my email. Cyber Monday promos are on their way, this I’m sure of. Holiday 2019 will be telling, that’s for sure. As a Channel Mastery listener, you’ve been ready for this time of year for some time now. But no matter how ready you are, there are always things to jockey, monitor and care-take while you’re in it with your teams. That’s where my guest on today’s show, Peter Kearns of 180 Commerce, comes in. Peter’s  slipped us a cheat sheet of sorts in this episode, with the top four areas of focus every specialty brand leader must care take before, during and after the make-or-break business window that is the Holidays. Peter serves as the Vice President of Business Development at 180Commerce and actively works daily with specialty businesses and brands to hone in on their direct to consumer (DTC) strategies. And you’re getting a bit of free advice today - actually, quite a lot of it! I hope you get a ton out of this episode as I know how much is at stake in your business at this time of year.

As a quick aside, Peter found in a 2019 study from Feedvisor, that 74% of consumers are now heading straight to Amazon when they have a product in mind. This figure is absolutely mind blowing and as a specialty retailer, you can't afford to ignore it. It was an honor and pleasure to yet again speak with Peter and hear his expertise on the subject. Listen to the episode and chime in with your thoughts on my Linkedin Page. This episode is co-produced by Verde Brand Communications and 

Peter Kearns is an Amazon brand expert spending nearly four years on Amazon’s Seller Services team working in the sports & outdoors and consumables categories. He’s helped hundreds of brands ranging from global IR-100s to small DTC start-ups make $500+ million in gross merchant sales. He’s now the Vice President of Business Development for 180Commerce, a brand management and advising agency specializing in helping brands succeed on Amazon.