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Channel Mastery

Dec 11, 2020

Earl Hunter, President and founder of Black Folks Camp Too joins Kristin Carpenter and Alice Baker on this episode of Channel Mastery. 

Black Folks Camp Too is a marketing-driven business with a mission to increase diversity in the outdoors. He and his son took a three-month road trip, staying at campgrounds across America and in those three-months, he saw only one other black family. It was through this experience and more, that he began his mission to help bring people of color into the outdoors. 

Earl’s passion, energy and enthusiasm is infectious. He challenges brands and companies to join him on his mission, a marathon, not a sprint and lean on him and his company to help drive the change in the outdoors and the outdoor industry overall. 

We were elated to have Earl on as a guest and look forward to following his mission and connecting Channel Masters with his cause. 

Earl Hunter is an experienced business leader across multiple industries. He has been widely recognized for his ebullient personality, hard work ethic and non-traditional approach to building relationships and closing deals. He is the founder and President of Black Folks Camp Too - a marketing-driven business whose mission is to increase diversity in the outdoor industry by making it easier, more interesting and more fun for black folks to go camping too.