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Channel Mastery

Jul 23, 2021


Episode Highlights:

  • Hear how Bureo expanded their reach and mission by partnering with brands like Costa Sunglasses and Patagonia 
  • Dave Stover and Kevin Ahearn share their founding story of Bureo and their clear mission of ending net pollution in the oceans
  • As consumers continue to align with brands that share their core values, it’s more important now than ever for specialty businesses and brands to be transparent about their initiatives and efforts when it comes to sustainability




As part of our Channel Mastery series featuring brands and businesses that are focused on sustainability, we are elated to introduce the team from Bureo, Dave Stover and Kevin Ahearn. Bureo is on a mission to end fishing net pollution in our oceans and shares their story behind their passion throughout the episode. 


Dave and Kevin offer insight into their interesting journey to gain B-corp status, their founding story and the development of their partnerships like Patagonia and Costa, which has increased their reach tenfold. 


Bureo is absolutely standing up to the challenge of serving consumers who are aligned with brands and businesses that share common values to them.

Kevin Ahearn is one of the three co-founders of Bureo Inc.  Growing up in a family of Ocean lovers, Kevin took to surfing at an early age with his Dad and twin brother Brian.  The importance of "protecting the places you love" was a lesson ingrained in the brothers at an early age and something Kevin has carried throughout his life and into his professional career at Bureo.  He holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering, and leads, research and development, recycling supply chain and material integration efforts at Bureo. 


David Stover is a Co-Founder of Bureo Inc, an emerging company focused on developing innovative solutions to recycle discarded fishing nets. An avid surfer and environmental enthusiast, David left behind a career in corporate finance when his global travels led him to the issues facing our ocean today. Currently residing in Ventura California, David splits time between Chile and the US and is actively involved in Bureo's day-to-day operations alongside the broader mission to prevent plastic pollution in our oceans.