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Channel Mastery

Nov 12, 2020

This year brought countless challenges, but 2020 also granted us with opportunities we likely didn’t expect for some of our businesses and brands. 

Outerbike, the premier experiential consumer cycling event dedicated to helping mountain bikers and gravel grinders find their perfect bike, stepped up in a unique way in 2020 instead of retracting and taking figurative shelter.

When Outerbike’s expanded in-person events were cancelled, the small and mighty team designed and launched a digital tool designed to help lead consumers to the bike that’s best for them. 

And what a necessary resource! Please add in stats on bike growth here, thank you!

Ashley Korenblat, founder of Outerbike, joins me again on the show (she was also featured in episode #86) with a special announcement.  Launching this week is Outerbike’s interactive guide leading consumers to the bike category that’s best for them: Your Friend in the Bike Business.

This interactive digital resource takes away the intimidation of walking into a bike shop for help as a newcomer to the sport, but is also tailored to work for experienced riders, whether you’re looking for a new bike or just exploring options. 

The cycling industry saw huge waves of newcomers to cycling and outdoor recreation in 2020. Now businesses of all sizes have the opportunity to catch, collect and keep this newcomer. Listen today to see how Ashley and her team are creating a welcoming and inclusive environment to newcomers and experienced cyclists alike. I for one was super inspired to see this small, entrepreneurial company take massive action to nurture our amazing newcomers to cycling and outdoor. I hope you enjoy this episode and share it with as many cycling enthusiasts - new and experienced - as you possibly can! 

Ashley Korenblat is CEO of Western Spirit, founder of Outerbike and managing Director of Public Lands Solutions.