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Channel Mastery

Sep 3, 2020

As we’re in the year of pivoting, quickly shifting consumer behaviors and uncertainty, I thought my guests today from the Springs Wealth Group would be great to feature on the show, which is our first official “Cross Training” episode, a new type of show we’ll be hosting every other month or so. In this series, we get to learn from specialty brands that are not retail or physical product related. No matter what kind of business you have, your customer is online today and we all need to be re-examining how our target customer is discovering, engaging with and buying from us. The Springs Wealth Group is no exception.

My guests today include Andy Inman and Chris Young are co-founders and financial advisors at the Springs Wealth Group, a financial advisory practice with offices in Colorado Springs and Texas. 

What they do is very important throughout the year, but in a year like COVID and as we're heading into the last couple months of 2020, business finances and personal finances are top of mind for many of us. Andy and Chris talk about their unique way of getting to know prospective clients, which I LOVE and how they’re trying to change the way of thinking from, I’ll enjoy life when I retire to let’s enjoy it now. 

They’re also here to talk more about Corporate Social Responsibility and the trends they’ve seen in the financial world when it comes to people and businesses supporting brands that math their ethics and belief systems.

Andy Inman is a financial advisor and co-founder at Springs Wealth Group, based in Colorado Springs, CO. For the past 11 years he has partnered with both individuals and businesses/organizations to help them align their financial strategies with both their individual lifestyles and long-term goals. When he’s not busy collaborating with his clients to help them live their best life, he can be found somewhere in the Rocky Mountains camping, mountain biking, skiing or snowboarding (yes, he does both). He considers himself an avid supporter of the Colorado lifestyle, an outdoor enthusiast, a semi-pro bourbon drinker, and an amateur handyman. He currently lives in Colorado Springs with his wife Emily, and their three dogs.

Chris Young is a financial advisor at Springs Wealth Group. He started his financial services practice in 2002 in San Antonio, TX. Since then, he has worked with hundreds of successful families and business owners helping them to reach their most important financial goals. After spending the first 17 years in Texas, he and his family made the decision to move to Colorado. His decision was both personal and professional. Personally, for his youngest son Dean, who has autism, to could get additional resources in helping him to have a successful life. Professionally, to join together with my current business partner, Andy Inman, to focus on working with individuals and businesses with a passion for the outdoors and the outdoor lifestyle. He currently lives in Colorado Springs, CO his wife Adrianna, and three boys, Jack, Cole, and Dean. He is actively involved in their lives through sports, scouting, as well as autism awareness. He enjoy camping, backpacking, snow skiing, and anything outdoors.