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Channel Mastery

Aug 7, 2018

Holy &#%@! It’s a live show recorded at the Verde Brand Communications’ Outdoor Retailer Happy Hour! My first….and maybe my last.

Just kidding. It was phenomenal to have this conversation with Rich Hill, of Grassroots Outdoor Alliance, in front of an audience of media, brands, retailers and other industry types. Talk about keepin’ us honest! I always try to get the absolute most out of all my guests in service to you, dear audience. And the live aspect added another level of positive pressure. There’s one “get to know ya” question, and then….boom…off to the races. No softballs in this arena. 

Rich is in the unique position of working with retailers and brands, so he is an extraordinary resource for determining how varied channels fit into the overall puzzle. Today we talk about brand/retailer relationships, what a healthy outdoor industry looks like and how understanding transactional value can help determine strategy for distribution and sales channels.