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Channel Mastery

Apr 25, 2018

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GUEST PROFILE: Carter Jensen is a digital educator and a modern day ad man. While his official focus is on emerging media and platform innovation, that only just begins to cover his passion for the newest and most technological parts of the advertising industry. He encourages and guides clients to push the boundaries of advertising and bring new and innovative communication tactics to life. He’s also a co-host on the Omnitalk video podcast.

EPISODE PREVIEW:Today’s show is all about shoppable social commerce, a powerful, contained experience that leads a person from discovery, to engagement, to sharing, to the sales conversion – all on a single social media platform. From research, reviews, video views, engagement, sharing and recommendation with friends, and then, to the buy – that’s what social platforms are gunning for today with their users. This isn’t new, but it’s growing at an incredibly strong rate, and the experience leaves a trail of powerful data. Listen in today and learn how brands are leveraging social commerce and mining the data from these consumer experiences.

Topics covered:

social commerce, retail analysis, network consumers, daily media mix, Facebook algorithm change, Facebook Live, shoppable posts, canvas ads, carousel ads, Instagram product launches, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter, Amazon Spark, monetizing brands on Amazon, chat bots

Check out the full show notes, workbook, and more at: