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Channel Mastery

Apr 10, 2018

Show Notes:

What it Takes to be Truly Consumer-Centric in your Business today, Created from a Live Panel at Thin Air Innovation Festival, in Partnership with SnowSports Industries America (SIA)

Park City, Utah, 4-6-2018

PANELISTS: Christian Gennerman,; Paul Kirwin, Channel Signal, and Pete LaBore,

THIN AIR INNOVATION FESTIVAL: Today’s panel is a summation of a panel presentation that occurred on April 6 at the third annual Thin Air Innovation Festival. This year, the SnowSports Industry of America (SIA), was the title sponsor for the three-day event in Park City, Utah, from April 5-7. The Festival’s goal is to inspire, elevate and collaborate, thereby creating inspiration for going bigger in business and with the reach of business, at altitude. I was proud to be featured as one of 50 impactful speakers, hailing from tech, retail, hospitality, sport, recreation, travel, entertainment, healthcare and finance.

PANEL TITLE: Breaking Down the Barriers To Building Consumer-Centric Brand & Businesses


Christian Gennerman:

Christian was the first employee/co-owner of and was instrumental in creating the online leader in outdoor retail. He also developed the portfolio of online entities and omnichannel strategy. And today, he’s able to create a path that minimizes channel conflict and raises perception for all of 180commerce’s partners.

Paul Kirwin:

Paul is the founder of Kirwin Communications, Experticity (formerly 3point5) and now Channel Signal. All of these landmark businesses have focused on what most influences product consideration with shoppers. Today, he leads Channel Signal, which exists to help brands translate the passion of product reviews into brand opportunities 

Pete LaBore:

Pete has been in ecommerce since early the 2000’s and the outdoor industry since 2007, and since that time, he’s held multiple influential leadership roles at, where he now serves as COO. Pete leads Backcountry’s marketing, merchandising and customer service and serves as the General Managers of each of sites in the Backcountry Portfolio.

EPISODE PREVIEW: I was honored to research and present a panel for this year’s Thin Air Innovation Festival in Park City, focusing on providing solutions and what’s working today for business leaders intent on building and growing a consumer-centric company. It all comes down to building a remarkable brand, and ensuring that the brand’s purpose remains in tact and remarkable across all channels (touchpoints). My panelists and I explored challenges and solutions to creating a brand with purpose, conveying the purpose and soul of that brand to the exact target consumer, and how to caretake the brand across multiple channels. We discussed the best practices around delivering an exceptional brand experience today to today’s connected, omnichannel consumer.

Topics covered: Personalization, consumer reviews, marketplace brands, channel conflict, Amazon and other marketplaces, humanizing a digital experience, re-engineering retail and the ongoing challenge of constantly anticipating change from consumers today.

Show Notes: