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Channel Mastery

Mar 29, 2022

Show Highlights:

I’m delighted to introduce Tim Parr, CEO and Founder of CADDIS, to the show as we evaluate the founding story of his eyewear brand - an online direct-to-consumer platform, business wholesaler, and brick-and-mortar store. We discuss turning a product into a platform by going against the grain in the...

Mar 18, 2022

Show Highlights: I’m excited to welcome Jacques Rene, a 25-year veteran from Gore who is trailblazing in fabric sustainability, introducing expanded polyethylene (ePE), a newly released environmentally-conscious performance fabric. In this episode, we talk about leading through climate change and pushing...

Mar 4, 2022

Show Highlights:

In this episode of Channel Mastery, I had the pleasure of speaking with the newest member of USA Cycling, CEO Brendan Quirk. Brendan is a veteran in the cycling industry and brings a background in racing to his new role at USA Cycling, ​​the nation’s governing body for cycling that oversees the...