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Channel Mastery

Jul 23, 2021


Episode Highlights:

  • Hear how Bureo expanded their reach and mission by partnering with brands like Costa Sunglasses and Patagonia 
  • Dave Stover and Kevin Ahearn share their founding story of Bureo and their clear mission of ending net pollution in the oceans
  • As consumers continue to align with brands that share their...

Jul 16, 2021

Episode Highlights:

  • Research showed that through the pandemic consumers eagerly want to align with brands who share their values 
  • Cooler offers calculations instantly so you can neutralize your carbon footprint as a business to achieve your customers’ climate goals
  • Michel and Jon share how the company was founded and...

Jul 2, 2021

Episode Highlights:

  • Marketing Director, Holly Fraser, introduces Outsider’s Network, the newest network connecting talent and content creators in the outdoor industry
  • Outsider’s Network helps drive inclusiveness with their mission to find a diverse, collective of outdoor talent
  • Holly shares what phase of their...

Jun 25, 2021

Episode Highlights:

  • Hear how Russ and the Path Less Pedaled team have grown their Youtube following to over 100,000+ by speaking to the enthusiasts, as opposed to the pros, within the biking community


  • Party Pace is the how Russ describes the audience of Path Less Pedaled. They aren’t the cyclists on the podium,...

Jun 18, 2021

Episode Highlights:

  • Inventor and Entrepreneur, Joe Wold shares the backstory behind LifeHandle, a versatile sling created to handle anything
  • Hear how Kickstarter introduced the LifeHandle team to a new audience and ultimately a new target consumer
  • Introducing ambassadors to the product has simultaneously introduced new...