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Channel Mastery

Oct 24, 2017

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GUEST PROFILE: Dustin Robertson has proven his skill at building robust online retailers and esteemed brands many times over. He is an expert marketer skilled in ecommerce, branding, and digital advertising, and is currently leading the marketing efforts for DRIP, a data-driven email service provider (ESP) and Leadpages, the most powerful landing page platform available. He spent over a decade at before moving onto Armada Skis, and a host of advisory roles for brands in tech, retail, and recreation.

He specializes in eCommerce, digital marketing, brand development, product development, and strategy. In this episode, he brings his marketing expertise to you, Channel Masters, through the lens of email acquisition and marketing.

EPISODE PREVIEW: You know all those details you wished you knew about your customers in order to serve them better? Well, guess what? The tools exist TODAY to discover those details based on how your customer moves around the web. Couple that with the fact that email is still the top-converting channel, and today’s episode is a must listen. You’ll be joining Dustin Robertson – an outdoor industry and ecommerce veteran who is now leading marketing at DRIP and Leadpages – in an informative show where we learn how to harness the power of DRIP and Leadpages to grow our audiences and remarkably engage them via email marketing.

Topics covered: digital marketing, SaaS, leveraging heat maps, email marketing, email sequences, retargeting, marketing automation, trends in email marketing, Google promotions folder, email personalization, data strategy, customer segmentation


“That's kind of been the pipe dream of the Internet: that we'll all talk to each other in a one-on-one way. But the reality is the technology just hasn't been there to enable it easily. It is fully here now.”

“If you're continuing to blast 10 million emails a month with the same message to your customers, that's probably going to continue working, but it's already starting to decline in its effectiveness.”

(On utilizing available data) “It just makes sense to kind of get more value out of the work you're already doing.”

“It's harder to push out a experiential content message through Google ad words, and connect with your consumer on that level. The only real way to do that is email and social media.”

“If you don't have a data strategy…or a personalization strategy for your customer base, then you're going to get beat by the 10 other people that are doing that.”




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