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Channel Mastery

Oct 10, 2017

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GUEST PROFILE: Jerod Morris is VP of Marketing for Rainmaker Digital. In this role, he creates educational content and digital products for developing and growing profitable online businesses. He’s a content creator and contributor to The Showrunner Podcast (with Jonny Nastor) and The Digital Entrepreneur podcast (with Brian Clark). The products he has developed and marketed include the Rainmaker Platform, The Showrunner Podcasting Course, and Digital Commerce Academy.

Jerod is a featured speaker at conferences across the country about leadership, content strategy, and podcasting. Additionally, he is the host of The Assembly Call, Podcast on the Brink, and Primility Primer.

EPISODE PREVIEW: It’s no secret that I’m a podcasting junkie! I love to listen to them and I love to create them. In this episode, I talk to podcasting pioneer and guide, Jerod Morris, about why brands should consider incorporating podcasts into their broad content matrix.

What would make someone not just say 'yes' but say 'yes' with enthusiasm?

Though in our interview Jerod said that quote in the specific context of inviting guests for an interview, I believe it identifies the experience and connection all brands are trying to provide (and make) for consumers. Perhaps it’s the tipping point to emotional connection, which Jerod rightly points out is more likely when consumers can hear your voice.

Topics covered: podcasting as marketing, traction, building emotional connections, competitive edge, niche marketing, video vs. podcasting (especially in terms of marketing investment ROI), repurposing varied forms of content, correlations between podcasting and email marketing, email list development tactics, cross-promoting channels via your own channels, direct vs. indirect monetization of podcasts


“A podcast is great if you're starting from scratch and want to build an audience. And it's also a great way to take the audience that you already have and engage with them more. What you really get with a podcast is that you build trust and you build authenticity.”

"Okay, what's the best way that we can use this medium to take our relationship with the audience to the next level?"

“(On producing content) Gauge the reaction to it, and then adjust as you go. And see what connects best. See what really helps you build that trust. See what helps people come in closer to you, and then you want to do more of that.”

“A podcast pairs really, really well with an email list. … People still use email when they're looking to buy, and it still drives a lot of business that way.”

“What would make someone not just say 'yes' but say 'yes' with enthusiasm?"


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Three suggestions for growing your podcast audience:

  1. Be a guest (interviewee) on another show
  2. Serve as a guest host on another show
  3. Support your show with social media platforms that best utilize your brand experience (e.g. Instagram for visual)

Benchmarks for assessing podcast success:

  • Episodes 7 to 10: How do you feel? Are you still excited to make the podcast and is your brain still buzzing with ideas? Now is the time to make changes to your original vision if your already losing steam.
  • Episodes 25 to 30: Is your content connecting with your audience? Are you getting a decent number of downloads per episode? Now is the time to adjust/pivot your content if you’re not gaining traction.

Episode 100(ish): Is your audience the size you set out to build? Are you connecting? Is the podcast making traction toward your ancillary goals? Now is the time to question if your investment is demonstrating a reasonable return.

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