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Channel Mastery

Oct 3, 2017

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GUEST PROFILE: Ryan Riggs is the director of sports and outdoor at NetRush. His career has spanned 14 years career in global commercial sales, and brand and product management. He has worked for KEEN, Columbia, Mountain Hardwear, and Montrail in the outdoor footwear, apparel and equipment sectors. He as successfully led global and regional teams to develop multi-channel product and merchandising strategies that grow revenue and increase profitability for both the brand and partners.

EPISODE PREVIEW: Did you know that (at least) 50% of ALL product searches are starting on Amazon? That’s not just wicked good SEO, that’s consumers going directly to Amazon to research their purchasing decisions. The questions for brands are do you want to be represented there and how do you retain control of your brand story/experience?

It’s a tough choice for many in the passion industries. In this episode, we look into how one company, NetRush, promises to give brands the assist in selling via Amazon. NetRush is a 3PL: an outsource for third party logistics . Its approach promises branding control, pricing controls, and a boost to brick and mortar. How do they do it?!? Download this episode today to deepen your understanding what selling on Amazon looks like.

Topics covered: specialized e-commerce, Amazon sales strategies, Amazon marketplace, 3PL (third-party logistics), outsourced logistics, controlling a customer experience over an Amazon sale, data integration, third-party sellers, price controls, storytelling on Amazon, best practices, early-stage strategy, data-driven solutions


“If there was a grow trajectory area in business right now - especially in sports and outdoor - it is the Amazon platform.”

“The foundational relationship we want to have with the brand is helping them get brand control (on Amazon).”

“You have to look at Amazon as a premium channel now. The consumer is expecting to see your A+ stuff - your best stuff - at Amazon.”

“What we're trying to show people is that, hey, there's an opportunity to be on Amazon and control your price and your MAP policies in a way that actually boosts and helps your brick and mortar.”

“Strategy needs to be set now, and getting going on the platform needs to be set now. Because there are going to be opportunities for (new) brands, to come in in a big way and eat people's lunch that have been around for a long time if they don't figure out a way to look the right way and be represented the right way on Amazon.”



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