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Channel Mastery

Sep 26, 2017

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Adam Bridegan is the SVP of advertising, digital and commerce at Rhone, a 3-year-old, premium activewear line for men. He is a data-driven, enterprise marketer, who focuses on online acquisition channels. He has worked with teams at multi-billion dollar enterprises, startups, and companies through IPO – connected by a common purpose of passion and innovation. Prior to joining Rhone, Adam worked at,,, and

He specializes in ecommerce strategies, including: paid search, SEO, landing page optimization, conversion rate optimization, content/inbound marketing, remarketing, customer segmentation and personalization.

EPISODE PREVIEW: Adam and Rhone are champions the customer and for multi-channel development. While he never claims that building a multi-channel brand is easy, he demystifies the process and breaks it down into logical, clear pathways.

While Adam is a genius with all the technical tools, he keeps his focus simple. Know your customer and make every decision based on their needs, wants and goals. Intimidated by data? Recognize that you OWN a treasure trove of customer data from the questions, chats, feedback and emails your customers send. That applies to your end consumer and your wholesale consumers.

This episode is like a 27-minute multi-channel meditation: it will clear the clutter and help to re-center your strategy on those things that ultimately deliver.

Topics covered: understanding your why, knowing your customer, the “owned” side of data acquisition (monitoring chats, emails, questions, survey, ratings, etc.), developing omni-channel approach, preventing channel conflict, long-term strategic planning versus short-term return, ambassador programs, pop-up stores, email marketing and sales


“Ultimately, as most brands know, it starts with the why. Why do we exist as a company and why do we make the products that we make?”

“I would say one of our core principles and ethos of the brand is to always listen to the customer. As long as we listen to them, we're not going to go astray from the products that we create.”

“We have some great wholesale partners, being Equinox Gyms and other gyms and specialty running stores throughout the United States. They've really helped us keep a pulse on what our guy is demanding and all the facets of their life - as far as the…types of products that we're developing.”

“For us, it's important to strategically go into these channels. But ultimately we are very cognizant of the fact that we have to be careful of channel conflict and making sure that all of our partners are speaking the same language.”

“You don't want to grow too fast where you can get ahead of yourselves.”

“Everything we do we is an extension of the brand.”


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