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Channel Mastery

Jan 13, 2020

My guest today is a well-known thought leader in the evolution of retail, more specifically, marketplaces. In this episode, you’ll meet Kiri Masters, the Founder of Bobsled Marketing, The Marketplace Institute and a Forbes contributor. As Amazon continues to change on a monthly, weekly (and sometimes daily) basis, it is Kiri’s mission to help specialty brands and businesses navigate the Amazon marketplace. 

Kiri began her Amazon quest in the early days of the platform in 2012/2013. Needless to say, there were few, if any, resources available to support a specialty brand presence on the Amazon marketplace. She quickly realized that there was a very real need for a tailored solution for smaller brands and Amazon consulting. In 2015, she launched Bobsled Marketing, which helps brands to manage their Amazon sales channel with operational support, brand protection, marketing and advertising. Four years later, in 2019, she launched the brand-new Marketplace Institute, which was designed to enable smaller businesses to have a self-serve model for through a private membership program.

For many of Verde’s clients, it’s just not possible to have an in-house Amazon expert or marketplace manager. Kiri has learned a tremendous amount through her businesses, and in this episode, she shares a wealth of knowledge and current tips on how to put your brand positioning forward 

It was an honor to sit down with Kiri on this episode and I am so looking forward to see what she does next and have her on the show again.

Kiri Masters is Founder of Bobsled Marketing and The Marketplace Institute. She is also a Forbes contributor.