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Channel Mastery

Jan 7, 2020

Mike Massey and Teddy Schiavano of Locally are back on another Channel Mastery episode just in time to kick off the brand-new decade! 

Locally is a company that connects the brands and products found in thousands of stores with nearby, interested shoppers. I like to think of it as a triangulation of sorts between specialty retailer, brand and target consumer. Mike and Teddy, and the Locally team, are always evolving the how around their mission, because the consumer continues to evolve. Locally makes it easier to compete for the attention of today’s shopper, and therefore, it levels the playing field for specialty businesses competing for the attention of today’s connected, omni-channel consumer.

In this show, Teddy, Mike and I dissect the big impact of Nike’s formal separation from Amazon, and what that means to the logistics game (and Amazon’s continuing quest to train our consumers). We also talk through brand culture, mission and vision and the importance of that type of storytelling to position specialty to win with target consumers. If you’re curious to know what the key trends and insights are that are anchoring how consumers will discover, engage and buy from you in 2020, this is one episode you do not want to miss. In fact, you’ll want to share it with your colleagues and friends. 

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Mike Massey, Founder and President at Locally is a third generation retailer and owner of Massey's Outfitters. The idea of Locally grew out of a need to market in-stock products to nearby online shoppers and accept transactions from them. At Locally, Mike is the head of strategy, operations and partnerships.


Teddy Schiavoni is VP of Business Development at Locally. His work in the snow sports industry includes retailer, sales rep, product development and marketing. His deep connections around the globe allow him to present Locally as a solution to enhancing brand/retailer relationships.