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Channel Mastery

Nov 26, 2019

Annelise Loevlie, CEO at Icelantic Skis - This episode co-produced by Verde Brand Communications and the Snowsports Industries of America (SIA)

Unless you’ve been happily living under a rock, if you’re in the outdoor recreation industries, you’ve heard about specialty brand leader, Annelise Loevlie. She’s the beloved CEO of Icelantic Skis, a brand that’s figured out how to be concurrently established, yet also, new and young. Icelantic Skis are designed and manufactured in Colorado, and the brand is well known for changing it up in terms of distribution, events and brand activations. That’s what we’re here to talk about today; how Icelantic leverages a continually refreshed channel strategy. She and the team are constantly hacking what works with their channels to be where their brand fans and consumers want them to be. It focuses on wholesale partners, their own sell direct channel, and is driven by an innovative mix of content marketing, social media and good, old-fashioned embedding with their community in-person. How many CEO’s do you know who work a promotional sale with retail, in person, over the long Labor Day holiday - every single year? 

Back in 2006, Icelantic Skis won ISPO’s “Best Hardgood for the Year,” in Munich, Germany, which launched them in the ski industry world-wide. The team at Icelantic Skis has not stopped making headlines or catalyzing the conversation online since. 

In this episode, you’ll hear first-hand how Annalisa has led a direct-first brand through continual evolution of a multiple channel strategy driven by what their target consumer wants from them. Their strategies include unique approaches to the festival scene, innovative artistic partnerships, video content, consistent relationships with key brick and mortar shops, showcasing of product at resorts, online sales and more. Icelantic’s success is community-inspired and that can only work with an independent, yet nimble brand within the outdoor recreation industries. 

Annelise Loevlie is CEO at Icelantic Skis, an award-winning and internationally recognized ski brand with a stalwart and highly engaged following. The company prides itself on American craftmanship, top of the line materials and cutting edge graphic art.