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Channel Mastery

Sep 25, 2019

SOLOCAST: Kristin Carpenter, Channel Mastery Host and CEO of Verde Brand Communications

The marketing director in both legacy and direct-first brands do not have an easy path today. They literally hold the keys to the end-consumer relationship, and are charged to manage and ‘catch’ all things marketing. It can be tough to know the metrics to report to executive colleagues as the targets and goals keep changing. And setting a budget is probably the most challenging - especially for legacy brand leaders - as it’s nearly impossible to know what’s going to be needed in three months, let alone 12. Interestingly, the challenges faced by this incredibly important - I would even go as far to say ‘lynchpin’ team member - in a consumer-first business are largely unknown by his or her executive colleagues. 


This episode is intended to change that. In this show, you’ll learn about the challenges and how to actually use them as a leadership team to get closer to your target end consumer on the channels of their preference. You’ll also learn that the plight of the legacy and direct-first brand managers are actually far more similar than you’d think. And in true Channel Mastery form, you’ll be the first to learn more about a new resource being offered to specialty brands by Channel Mastery.