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Channel Mastery

Sep 11, 2020

A few weeks ago, I had the honor of doing my second interview for the Outdoor Biz podcast, a show produced by podcast leader Rick Saez. It was refreshing to be interviewed about the Academy, and franky, to be the interviewee and not the interviewer. The episode turned out super well for a couple of reasons:

1 - It definitely outlines who the course is for, why we launched it, and the intentional timing of our launch (it very much serves specialty brand and business leaders transforming during a pandemic and recession while balancing living through palpable social unrest in the world)

2 - This podcast episode brings to light the very real, very human experience of launching something like an immersive, digital product and the personal change that calls for (from your’s truly). Never have I felt this vulnerable in what I thought was my safe zone - business. … 

Channel Masters, you’ll get a lot out of this episode because it answers questions about the offering of the Academy, but also, because it gives you a front row seat of what it was like to literally LIVE THROUGH what I was about to teach in the Academy - choosing to intentionally change and up-level through a very very uncertain time.

I’ve learned since doing this show that this expansion of Verde's service and support offerings for our specialty communities required a mindset shift. It called me to step up on a level I never had before, and to lead a small but mighty team within Verde to bring it to life.

And we are SO glad we did. Why? That’s easy….

The Multi-Channel Marketing Academy opens for enrollment again this week, on Tuesday, September 15th. Mark your calendars! 

Whether you are a seasoned marketing professional looking to up-level your multi-channel strategy, a business leader looking to rethink your strategy in light of recent changes, or a startup working to create and execute marketing that will put you on the map, this course will give you the skills and strategies to grow and engage your community across the most relevant channels, while driving your end goal - generating sales. 

And your instructor, me, WILL be able to coach you through leaving your past identity behind, and stepping up and into a much bigger calling and a bigger way to serve and create expansion: through becoming a multi-channel master, and a change agent within your organization.


I hope you’ll join us in this cohort of the Academy! 


Listen to the episode and subscribe to Channel Mastery and The Outdoor Biz podcast! 

Rick Saez is an avid Outdoor Adventurer a 30+ year career in the outdoor industry. He’s held leadership roles with iconic brands such as Montbell, Eagle Creek, JanSport Dana Design and Lowepro. He is Founder, producer and host of the Outdoor Biz Podcast and author of Trails to the Top: Outdoor Adventure Insider Stories and Advice to Manage Business and Grow Careers.