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Channel Mastery

Sep 18, 2020

This episode combines three interviews, which took place during a 3-day interview sprint with some of our most popular and knowledgeable Channel Mastery guests. David Howell of Howell and Associates, Ryan Riggs of Pattern and Kelly Ramirez of Prismatic, joined me for the first ever Verde Brand Communications and Channel Mastery Holiday Summit. 

They are absolute knock-outs for when it comes to specialty business experts and they’re here today to help offer tips and guidance for all of us leading into holiday and finishing 2020 as strongly as possible. Each of these speakers bring a unique perspective on how consumer behavior trends and a surge in ecommerce will be reshaping the holiday season this year. Their information is invaluable as we wrap up the year.

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David Howell is Managing Partner and founder at Howell & Associates. For 19 years he and his firm have specialized in traditional Global Brand Protection, Anti-Counterfeiting, and the Newera Open Marketplace and Ecommerce Channel Compliance. Having worked with over 500 manufacturers in recent years, he has a level of uncanny foresight in helping manufacturers solve online issues in just about every facet. When he’s not working long hours for his client’s success, he can be found deep in the Idaho mountains hiking, biking, or on his paddleboard on beautiful Payette Lake.

Ryan Riggs is the Vice President of Business Development at Pattern. His career has spanned over 14 years in global commercial sales, and brand and product management. He has worked for KEEN, Columbia, Mountain Hardwear, and Montrail in the outdoor footwear, apparel and equipment sectors. He has successfully led global and regional teams to develop multi-channel product and merchandising strategies that grow revenue and increase profitability for both the brand and partners.

Kelly Ramirez is founder and CEO of Prismatic, a growth consultancy that bolts onto brands to improve E-commerce performance and accelerate revenue from digital channels. Kelly founded Prismatic after nearly a decade at Google, where she led global growth initiatives for the top 1% of digital native travel advertisers including Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity, With hyperfocus on the foundational elements that enable a company to succeed in the new e-commerce ecosystem, Prismatic is an advisor, an interpreter, and hands-on practitioner for brands in growth mode. 

During the COVID crisis, Kelly and her team have been working in lockstep with clients in the SaaS, Outdoor, and Travel industries to interpret macro impacts,  develop strategic and authentic response strategies, and evolve their approach to scale in the dynamic retail environment.