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Channel Mastery

Sep 12, 2018

EPISODE PREVIEW: The consumer decision journey most certainly begins online today and how we engage and nurture our target end consumer across their devices is the secret to continually creating loyal brand fans who convert.

I have an episode for you today that brings the very latest digital tactics and strategies to you, Channel Masters. And, my secret weapon has a name: Carter Jensen. You first experienced Carter earlier this year in an audio podcast, and now, he joins us again in our new video format (his episode is also going to be available on iTunes and our other audio platforms, not to worry!).

Customers want their experience with your brand or your shop (online and brick and mortar) to be special. Today’s episode will share with you what’s working today for the best consumer-centric brands as they work to create brand experiences that are both memorable and shareable across multiple channels. Carter also gives us an Amazon Marketing Services update at the end of this show, so be sure to stick around for the entire episode!

GUEST BIO: Carter Jensen is a digital educator and a modern-day ad man. While his official focus is on emerging media and platform innovation, that only just begins to cover his passion for the newest and most technological parts of the advertising industry. He encourages and guides clients to push the boundaries of advertising and bring new and innovative communication tactics to life. He’s also a co-host on the Omnitalk video podcast.