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Channel Mastery

May 16, 2018

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 Hook ‘em while they’re young…on the outdoors, of course! Outdoor recreation clubs have long had a presence on most college campuses, and they are crucial to building a lifelong appreciation of outdoor adventure and experiences. Their influence is only growing as formal outdoor recreation majors are cropping up around the country. On today’s episode, I speak with Sarah Lockwood, the founder and CEO of College Outside. She has revolutionized the gear/outdoor rec program relationship. Her organization works with colleges and outdoor brands to get the schools the gear they need, and to help brands connect with this crucial age group.

Talk about multichannel MASTER?!? College Outside is effectively leveraging sales reps, email marketing, content, DTC, pro deals, reviews and testimonials, experiences and events, and social media prowess to engage 18-23 year olds and develop a love for outdoor adventure.

GUEST PROFILE:Sarah Lockwood is the founder and CEO of College Outside. The business supports and provides resources to over 150+ collegiate outing clubs and outdoor education programs. College Outside gives students the hands-on tools they need for outdoor adventure and experiences. The members-only online retail site connects dozens of outdoor industry brands with the next generation of outdoorsmen and women.